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Carpet Cleaning Morden

Starting from £80.00

Why you Should Book our Morden Carpet Cleaning Service

Wimbledon Cleaning Services is a professional cleaning company that provides reliable and efficient carpet cleaning services in Morden (SM4), London area. With over 10 years of experience in the field of domestic and commercial cleaning, we are more than ready to take on every task you might have for us. Our main goal is our client’s satisfaction, and we won’t stop working until you are happy with the results, so you can count on us!

Carpet and upholstery maintenance can be hard and frustrating especially if when there are constantly running children and pets around the house or you have many visitors in your office, medical practice, restaurant or shop. After all, the carpets and upholstery are the items with which we interact the most during our daytime and without any surprise, these are the items that usually get stained a lot.

Even if you clean and regularly vacuum the floors in your Morden home or office, soon or later you’ll end up dealing with stubborn and nasty stains and ingrained dirt that may seem impossible to be removed. The carpets will change their colour, will look grubby and even can smell badly. This is because, over the time filth and dust build-up deep inside the fibers of the carpets and the standard cleaning methods cannot go deep enough to remove the dirt. The real problem is not the discoloration, but the fact that bacteria and mites breed in the dirt, which can cause asthma or allergies. Don’t wait too long to call us for a professional help.  With our advanced cleaning solutions and professional cleaning methods, we guarantee you that we’ll remove the dirt and will do our best to restore the colour of the carpets in your Morden house, office, shop, or pub.

Our services

Deep carpet cleaning with “Hot Water Extraction” machine

Rug cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

Our professional methods

We use professional carpet and upholstery cleaning machines and chemicals from the leading manufacturers of carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals Prochem and Ashby’s to provide our clients with the best results.  All our machines are “hot water extraction” machines and the cleaning method is “wet”, or hot water extraction cleaning, more popular as steam cleaning or shampooing the carpets. The machines inject the cleaning solution into the carpet under high pressure to dissolve the dirt and extract it. Grime, bacteria, and dust mites stand no chance!

We use only professional high-quality eco-friendly products and cleaning solutions. They are safe for children and pets. We have special antibacterial cleaning chemicals too. 

We clean synthetic, wool or wool and synthetic mix carpets and rugs. We don’t clean sisal, jute, seagrass or similar carpets and rugs.  

Wimbledon Cleaning Services carpet cleaners are dedicated professionals that are more than prepared to take even the hardest of challenges. 

The knowledge and experience are the most important aspects of the work when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning. This is because there are so many different fabrics on the market and each one requires a different cleaning solution and method that only a professional carpet cleaner can determine.

Our work always begins with a thorough inspection of our client’s flooring. This is because as we already mentioned, there are tons of different fabrics on the market and if a carpet is not treated properly the fabric might be damaged or discoloured.

So, our carpet cleaners must find out the type of your carpet and origin of the stain before deciding how to treat it. Here is where knowledge and experience really become indispensable. Only after the inspection is over and the right treatment is determined we can proceed with the cleaning itself.

The work is over once you are happy with the results and your carpets and upholstery are clean and fresh again!

Wimbledon Cleaning Services is ready for your challenge! Don’t hesitate and book a carpet cleaner now!


 How to book our service

Follow the steps. It is simple.

  1. Check if the carpets or rugs in your Morden home are suitable for wet cleaning. We can clean synthetic, wool, or mixed carpets, rugs, sofas, stools, mattresses, chairs, etc.
  2. Call us or send an email with the approximately measures of the rooms and include any other carpeted areas that you would like to be cleaned as flights of stairs and their number, hallway, landings, dressing rooms, office rooms, etc.
  3. If you need your sofa cleaned, please let us know how many seaters is and whether it is standard or L-shaped. Don’t forget to check if the upholstery is suitable for hot water extraction cleaning. We don’t clean leather sofas, chairs, etc.
  4. Let us know about the parking. The carpet cleaning equipment is heavy and the carpet cleaner needs to park the car as close to the building as possible.
  5. We’ll send you our quote and if you are happy with the price, we’ll arrange a carpet cleaner to clean your carpets, rugs, sofas, etc. in your convenient day and time.
  6. Before the arrival of the carpet cleaner de-clutter the rooms and areas that you would like to be cleaned. Don’t leave any boxes, clothes, shoes, etc. on the floors not put them back before the carpet is completely dry.
  7. When the carpet cleaner arrives, he will bring the carpet cleaning equipment and machine inside, will fill it with water and detergents. He will inspect the carpet and pre-spray or pre-treat with stain removers any stains, etc. He will move some furniture items to clean under and behind them and will put them back after the cleaning. At the end of the work, he will leave you overshoes so you can walk on the slightly wet carpets.
  8. 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are committed to deliver as best cleaning as possible. Check the cleaning at the end whist our carpet cleaner is still at the premises. If you are not happy with something, he will re-clean immediately.

Carpet Cleaning Prices​

Minimum per carpet cleaning/upholestry cleaning – £80.00

Single bedroom
from £25
Double bedroom
from £30
Living room
from £40
from £15
Flight of stairs
from £40
Small rug
from £20
Large rug
from £30
Commercial carpet
from £1.50-2 / sq.m.

*Additional fee for parking and congestion charge might be applied

Our team

Each of our cleaning technicians has gone through proper training and is well prepared for dealing with even the most stubborn of stains. Furthermore, during the years we’ve encountered many difficult tasks and once we managed to tackle them we’ve gained experience and knowledge that are indispensable.

So, it was the proper foundations and hard work that made Wimbledon Cleaning Services what it is today – the golden standard when it comes to carpet and upholstery stain removal! We are really dedicated to our work and every task you have for us will be dealt with nothing else but perfection!


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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Carpet cleaning

A.The price for carpet cleaning is different for each property and depends on the number and size of the rooms we need to clean. The price is different if the rooms are empty or furnished. We charge per flight of stairs, landing, etc. when such must be cleaned. Naturally, the larger the rooms, the more expensive it is to clean it. Furthermore, some carpets are of course in worse condition than others – heavily stained, with trafficked areas and this will be considered when we provide our quote.

A.Yes, we have a minimum charge per visit. We offer discounts when big jobs are booked, or the carpet cleaning is combined with end of tenancy cleaning.

A. The client must pay any parking charges or congestion charge. We can send the car details upfront so the client to pay for a visitor parking permit which is usually cheaper than paying by hour.

A. Normally, between 6-7 hours. In cold months it can take longer, and we recommend the heating to be turned on. In the hot summer days, they can dry for an hour or two.

A. Yes, the carpet cleaner moves the small furniture items – tables, chairs, bedside tables, beds on wheels, etc. He cleans around heavy furniture items as wardrobes, heavy beds, heavy side cabinets or bookshelves, etc.

A. Yes, you can. We’ll leave you overshoes to avoid your socks of getting wet.

A. Yes, we clean synthetic or wool rugs on clients’ premises. Often the rugs need more time to dry then carpets. We recommend the rugs to be moved to dry on tiled floor or, if the floor is wood, a protection foil to be placed under the rug to avoid possible damage of the wood from the moisture.

A. Yes, we clean fabric sofas. We don’t clean leather sofas. The client must check the manufacturer recommendation for cleaning first. We can clean the sofa if the upholstery is suitable for wet cleaning. The price depends on the size of the sofa. It is easy to give you a price if you to send us a picture of the sofa/s to our email or WhatsApp number 07788161210.

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