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Carpet Cleaning Raynes Park

Carpet cleaning Raynes Park

Are you looking for excellent carpet cleaning services in Raynes Park (SW20) area? Then look no further you are in the right place! Wimbledon Cleaning Services is a London based professional cleaning company that is providing domestic and commercial cleaning services in the area at a reasonable price! We have more than 10 years of experience during which we’ve created many long-lasting relationships with our customers and we’ve built a reputation as reliable and efficient carpet cleaners!

Everyone enjoys healthy and clean indoor environment but unfortunately, it is something not so easy to maintain. As you can probably imagine, carpets and upholstery are a huge part of your home and office interior, after all, these are the items with which we interact the most on a daily basis.

Each time we come back home we bring inside dust and debris from the street that ends up between the fibers of our carpets. This dirt builds over time inside the fabric and large and stubborn stains are formed that can seem impossible to be dealt with. This can happen even faster in your office as the constant flow of people means even more dirt and debris end up on your flooring.

While dirty carpets and upholstery can make a really bad first impression to your guests and clients, which is always something you would never want to happen, what the real problem is that they carry potential health hazards for you and your loved ones. Those nasty stains are the perfect breeding ground for a great variety of harmful microorganisms that can cause allergies, infections, and asthma. So, beware dirty carpets doesn’t only look and smell bad, they are dangerous for your health!

As mentioned, regular cleaning methods can be really ineffective when it comes to carpet and upholstery maintenance. This is why expert’s advice is to use the services of a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year, so they can deal with the build-up dirt inside your flooring for you.

Here is where we can help!

Our team

Our team consists of dedicated professionals that are more than ready to take on every challenge that you might have for us. Before joining our ranks each of our cleaning technicians has gone through proper training and then has been assigned to work alongside our best professionals to gain the knowledge and experience which are an essential part of every carpet cleaner’s kit.

There are many different fabrics when it comes to carpet and upholstery manufacturing. Each of those fabrics requires different cleaning approach. This is because some of them might be damaged by harsher cleaning solutions and their cleaning should be done with care. When you add the different stains that can form on them, which require different cleaning on their own, to the equation and you can understand why knowledge and experience are essential.

Our professional methods

There isn’t a job too big or small for us, we take all of our tasks really seriously and with great care!

Our work always begins with a thorough inspection of our client’s flooring to identify the type of fabric we are dealing with and the origin of the stains on it. This is really important because as we already mentioned each fabric and stain requires different cleaning and only a professional can determine the right cleaning approach in each case.

Once the inspection is over we can begin with the cleaning itself. Our work is done only once you are happy with the results! So, don’t expect anything less than perfection from us!

Wimbledon Carpet Cleaning is your reliable and efficient carpet cleaner! Don’t hesitate and contact us now!


You can combine your carpet cleaning with:


End of Tenancy Cleaning

Add our excellent End of Tenancy Cleaning to make sure your tenants are happy, or have your deposit back

Upholstery Cleaning

Add our Upholstery Cleaning or Mattress Cleaning to make your sofas, chairs or mattresses clean again and save 5% from our upholstery cleaning prices

One-off Cleaning

Add our One-Off Cleaning and we will ensure you obtain a clean, tidy and cosy home so you can enjoy it with your loved ones

*A minimum of £60.00 applies per carpet/upholstery cleaning visit



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