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Cleaning Up After The Holidays

Your guests are heading home, but you’re already at home. Now that you have to clean up after everyone, even the Christmas trimmings are strangely making you feel worse. Time to smash out a deep clean and enter the new year with a positive attitude, wouldn’t you say so? After all, living in a clutter-free, polished home is the best cure for the post-holiday blues.

But how are you supposed to handle cleaning up after the holidays when you don’t feel like doing it, you wonder? With a little bit of strategy, you’ll slowly but steadily find your way around it. One reason why most people dread this moment is that they are doing it wrong.

Keep reading and try these tips that will help you feel more confident and relaxed come clean time. Before you know it, you’ll start your new year off on a sparkling-clean foot!

The essentials of cleaning up after the holidays

There are two ways of cleaning up after the holidays – you either give your home a solid scrub down OR do the minimum required to reap the maximum benefits and feel like you have your house in order.

For a clean sweep, you might need to bring in professional help. You want to deep clean all surfaces (floors, baseboards, trims, furniture, etc.), steam-clean carpets and upholstery, scrub bathroom and kitchen countertops and appliances. 

Hint: you’ll want to do all these after you’ve taken care of the Christmas decorations, the tree, and all its fallen-off needles!

For a moderate, do-it-at-your-own-pace-and-enjoy-it kind of post-holiday home scrubbing, you can stick to the following seven basic steps:

  • Dispose of the tree and put holiday decorations back in the boxes;
  • Bonus points if you also clean them up;
  • Tour the house and clear the trash;
  • Throw anything you don’t need, including the ridiculous gifts you received;
  • Vacuum the pine needles off the floor;
  • For the ones stuck on fabrics, a lint roller could prove more effective;
  • Take another tour and hunt for spills and carpet stains;
  • Depending on your findings, consider professional steam carpet cleaning;
  • Give your kitchen a quick clean;
  • Clean surfaces and store crockery, but don’t ignore the fridge & range either;  
  • Give your bathroom a quick clean;
  • In-tank toilet continuous cleaners make for a welcomed freshness of the bowl;
  • Dust, vacuum, sweep, and mop;
  • This will give it all a final touch of sparkling cleanness.

Tips for a somewhat easier post-holiday home scrubbing

You’ve done cleaning before the holidays. If there’s anything that needs to be scrubbed at this time, it would more have to do with the overused areas since the last deep clean. Or with the ones you ignored before Christmas.

In particular, scrubbing will most likely be required in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the entrance hall. Doing a tour around the house on a hunt for any spills and stains is yet another part of the process. But you still need to know how to go about it.

Specifically, we suggest you to:

  • Arm yourself with a caddy to keep all your cleaning tools at hand and easily take with you everything you need for the house tour.
  • Make sure that you use the right product for a specific fabric or material and follow the product instructions.
  • Don’t obsess over a single room, but rather clean the whole house in one go – pick up the vacuum and just vacuum all rooms, dust off all rooms, focus on spills in one go, etc.
  • Pay close attention and make sure you don’t miss any stains. The longer a stain remains on a fabric, the harder it will be to take it out.
  • Scrubbing is for the ceramic tiles, cabinets, countertops, and pots. With your carpets and upholstery, scrubbing will only spread the stain deeper into the fabric. Dab instead of scrub, and you should be able to lift the stains up and remove them from the surface without complications.
  • While you tour the house, pick up everything that needs to be washed before you put it away – think of themed table linens and napkins or the bed linens you’ve offered your guests.
  • As much as you can, make cleaning a group activity. If you don’t have any family members to help you out, professional cleaning services will spare you of a lot of hassle.

Since you’re doing this deep clean, you should also consider the aspects that will help you keep your home cleaner for longer. For instance, because it’s the cold season and bad weather will soon rain on your parade, make sure to put more mats and rugs at entryways and have a boot tray near the entrance to keep your soaked, dirty footwear in one place.

Keep cleaning supplies around the house, so you will find it easier to tackle small cleaning chores anytime you see it fit. It will help to have room fresheners and trash bags at hand, so you can clean up whatever needs to be thrown away, rather than letting it pile up.

Now is also the best time to set some rules that will keep your home tidier – no more leaving items next to the bin (always take out the trash when the bin is full) and no more putting the dishes next to the sink (if there’s no room left for it in the sink, time to do the dishes, without exception!).

Don’t forget recycling with your after-holidays clean-up

While you walk around the house to clear the trash, do your best to separately gather the cans and bottles for recycling. If you have older decorations that you no longer want to keep, consider donating them rather than throwing it away.

Finally, yet importantly, try to recycle your live Christmas tree in ways that will benefit the environment. Especially if you have a garden, you can cut the branches and cover your perennial flower beds with it, to protect them from snow and frost. The waxy pine needles are moisture and mold-resistant, and if you don’t have a garden yourself, maybe a neighbor who has one will be happy to make use of your tree.

As an essential safety tip, don’t burn your tree in the fireplace or woodstove if it’s still green because the resins contained in green trees can easily trigger a flue fire!

Can’t handle the post-holiday cleaning all by yourself?

The purpose of this new cleaning round is to make your home a truly enjoyable space. If you dread the thought and you exhaust yourself in the process, you’ll miss the purpose. Know that in your hour of need, cleaning services can be the smart choice.

Flexible and ready to meet your individual needs, we will help with anything from freshening up your home or removing stains with professional steam carpet cleaning, all the way to a one-off deep cleaning.

The holidays can do a number on your home, but you can still do a lot better. Contact the Wimbledon Cleaning Services team to book your session in a hot second. We’ll help you get your house back in order before you know it!

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