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End of tenancy or one-off cleaning

End of tenancy or one-off cleaning? Which one to book?

We often get asked the same question – What is the difference between end of tenancy cleaning and one-off cleaning?

Although to many these two may sound the same, they are actually two different cleaning services that have their specifics.

The end of tenancy cleaning or check out/moving out cleaning is a service that will perform a thorough cleaning of your rented home at the end of your tenure. It follows certain cleaning rules and must meet the cleaning standards of the estate agencies.

The one-off cleaning is a service that covers the special requirements made by the client. Let’s say if you do not have a regular cleaner and wish to have your property, or parts of it (for example your fridge, oven, and bathrooms only) cleaned by a professional, then you can book a one-off cleaning visit.

One-off cleaning service:

  • The service is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the client. It can cover the whole property or parts of it, such as cleaning of the oven/fridge/windows/kitchen only/bathroom only, etc.
  • The client supplies all cleaning detergents and equipment. (We can do that but for an additional charge).
  • We charge per hour per cleaner. We can arrange for one or more cleaners to attend depending on the size of the property and the tasks. We provide a receipt for the payment.
  • The cleaner/team of cleaners works to complete the time when only certain hours have been booked or works to complete all cleaning tasks if that has been requested by the client.
  • The client checks the work done at the end of the cleaning.
  • No free re-clean is provided after the cleaning team leaves the property.

End of tenancy cleaning service:

  • The cleaning follows specific guidelines by the estate agency/landlord. The cleaning is very thorough and takes many hours of work.
  • The property must be empty of all personal belongings.
  • We provide all necessary cleaning detergents and equipment.
  • We work to complete the cleaning and meet the requirements of the agency.
  • We charge a fixed, agreed price. A receipt is provided.
  • The estate agency, landlord or inventory company checks the condition of the property after the cleaning service.
  • Free re-clean is provided under certain circumstances.

We recommend that you check your tenancy agreement for information on how you must leave the property after the end of your contract. If professional cleaning is required, we advise you to book the service as early as possible. Should you need professional carpets and upholstery cleaning, we can assist with that too! Make sure you have all your belongings removed prior to the arrival of the cleaning team. Plan ahead at least a day for the end of the tenancy cleaning service.

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