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Essential Cleaning Products for Cleaning at Home

A high standard of cleaning cannot be achieved without the use of cleaning chemicals. It is recommended that every home should have a variety of products designed to clean the range of different surfaces and rooms found in a home. Being experienced in providing cleaning services to many homes in Wimbledon, SW London, and the Kingston area, we have an eye for which cleaning products are most effective. Our selection is made from the point of view of a professional cleaner because when clients hire a domestic cleaner, they expect them to achieve a high standard within a limited time.

For the average house or apartment where the kitchen has a standard counter, MDF cabinets, steel sink, simple chrome taps and tile backsplash, we recommend CIF or Flash Kitchen Cleaner. These products can also be used to clean the hobs or hoods of ovens. However, although there are special steel polishing chemicals on the market for steel appliances, these can be substituted with ordinary baby oil. For cleaning the inside of the refrigerators and the counters where food is prepared, our choice is Dettol Antibacterial Cleaner or another similar antibacterial agent. For cleaning sinks and taps, on the other hand, our favourite product is Viakal, although similar bathroom cleaners may suffice.

For shiny, mirrored surfaces, windows or any other features made of glass, any glass cleaner should be acceptable.

If the acceptable the case of kitchen counters made from wood, only a damp cloth should be used.

Bedrooms and living rooms: excluding furniture made of natural wood, varnished, or requiring special chemicals, any all-purpose cleaner will do the job – CIF, Flash, Method, etc.

Wood polish should, of course, be used for standard wooded surfaces in order to achieve the best results.

If you have furniture made of special natural wood, it is advisable to use the products recommended by the manufacturer as they may be varnished with а special coating, etc.

Bathrooms can be a problem area in the home when it comes to cleaning. This is because of the hard water in London. The areas where we work – Wimbledon, Tooting, Wandsworth, Putney, etc. are no exception. You may have noticed that, after only 1-2 uses of the bathrooms, there can already be white limescale stains appearing on the walls and glass. Currently, the best product for mass use is Viakal. It has an acid base and quickly removes the limescale stains and build-up. It can be used without problems on taps, showers, sinks, shower glass, tiles, but note that it should never be used on marble surfaces. Therefore, if you have marble in your home, consult with the manufacturer regarding exactly what to use. Note that limescale also builds up on marble surfaces exposed to water, so removing the limescale from such tiles, floors and sinks is difficult. If you want to keep the shine of the marble, you need to clean it after almost every use of the bathroom.

Another problem is the mould and mildew that form from moisture and condensation, especially if there is no window or fan for ventilation. If mould appears, it is very difficult to remove it and scrubbing it without using the correct product will only spread the spores around. We recommend Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover, Cillit Black Mould Remover, HG Mould Remover that can be bought from most mass market superstores. In our experience, the other brands do not achieve a good result. In all cases, it is important to follow the instructions carefully. Of course, more expensive chemicals can also be purchased from Amazon or other online sellers, and some of these may do a good job.

For cleaning the toilets, we recommend the Harpic brand, with blue and black giving the best results as a prevention against lime deposits and mould. It is also a good idea to alternate with bleach, which destroys biological deposits. The toilet brush is necessary.

If you have standard floors – laminate or tile, an all-purpose floor cleaner such as Flash or CIF should suffice. For wooden floors, whether varnished or oiled, wood cleaners like Flash or Pledge give satisfactory results. Method also has a quality wood cleaner.

As a summary, here is a list of the essential products needed to clean a typical home. Our preferences are listed first, while the following are acceptable alternatives:

– for the kitchen – CIF, Flash

– for metal sinks and standard taps – Viakal, CIF Cream, Bar Keeper’s Friend Powder

– for bathrooms – Viakal, CIF, Flash

– for toilets – Harpic, bleach; for toilet seats – antibacterial cleaner

– for surfaces in other rooms – All-Purpose Cleaner as CIF or Flash

– for floors – All- Purpose Cleaner; wood floor cleaner – CIF, Flash, Pledge, Method

– for glass and mirrors – Windolene, Sainsbury’s Glass Cleaner, Method, Mr Muscle

– to protect against mould and mildew- Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover, Cillit Black Mould Remover, HG Mould Remover

Remember that, in addition to the chemicals, you must have enough microfibre towels, sponges, scourers, and obviously a brush for the toilet.

As mentioned at the beginning, the list is made from our point of view and not necessarily from an environmentally friendly one. If you wishto use eco-friendly products while still maintaining a high standard of cleanliness, keep in mind that you will probably have to use them much more frequently, perhaps daily.

Of course, everyone should consider the chemicals they use in regard to the furniture and surfaces in their home and choose the most suitable according to both the manufacturers’ recommendations and their own preferences.

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