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How Do I Negotiate For End Of Tenancy Cleaning With A Cleaning Company?

End of tenancy cleaning is no ordinary task. It comes with high standards and with high stakes. It’s not just you who has to be happy with the cleaning company’s service. Even more importantly, it’s your landlord who has to like it. If he doesn’t, you won’t get your deposit back.

While you may have a second chance at this, you will most likely want to avoid it. So, the best way to get it right from the first time is to pick a reliable cleaning company and know what to ask.

Are you feeling nervous about choosing a cleaning company for the end of tenancy cleaning?

Here’s the good news: if they agree with your terms and they’re willing to add new helpful items on the list, you have a winner.

Are you feeling clueless about what to ask for this specific service?

Below, you’ll find the essential tips that will help you set things straight with the cleaning company you choose.

5 Things To Ask When Booking A Company For End Of Tenancy Cleaning

1.Do they provide extensive cleaning lists?

Having such lists at hand shows that the cleaning company has been doing this for a while. The agents are prepared and know what they’re expected to deliver on such occasions. Their work structure is well-organized and carefully planned.

Pay attention, though, that they shouldn’t just have cleaning lists for the sake of it! Those lists must be comprehensive and thoroughly detailed. They should include more items than you can think of!

The more items from the property they include on those cleaning lists, the more confident you can be in their ability to handle the task.

2.Are they willing to work with whatever checklist you bring?

end of tenancy cleaning wimbledon

So, it’s great that they seem to be knowing what to do. But it’s only perfect if the company is willing to walk the extra mile, just like you need them to.

Is the cleaning company willing to work with your checklist? Excellent! This availability speaks for their flexibility and commitment to over-deliver.

At this point, you shouldn’t fret if you don’t know what to ask from them! Your landlord should be more than happy to detail his expectations on the final evaluation.

Can’t reach out to the landlord? Any letting agent could tell you what landlords typically expect from their leaving tenants.

Go get a list from either the landlord or a letting agent. Match it against what the cleaning company offers. Then, make sure to ask for whatever you find on that list that the cleaning company hasn’t included yet.

3.Do they offer you any warranty?

A guarantee that you will pass on the move-out inventory is yet another sign of the cleaning company’s professionalism. Are they willing to guarantee you a successful final inspection? It means they’re confident in the services they offer.

What does this warranty mean? That the contract you sign with them will have to include some financial compensation if their service proves not to be sufficient.

Another assuring term would be the offer to re-clean or anything else that will help you pass the end of tenancy cleaning inspection as soon as possible.

4.How do they measure their offerings?

Quality of work is something that the company should be as interested in as you are. For the cleaning company, it’s their reputation at stake. For you, it’s a hefty deposit you’re looking to get back from the landlord.

How is the company trying to assure you that you’ll get the most from their cleaning agents? By planning everything according to the contents of the property!

No amount-of-time promise should entice you into anticipating cleaning quality! It doesn’t matter how much time the cleaners stay on the property. It only matters that they commit to cleaning all the items on the list.

The end of tenancy cleaning success must be measured by crossing off everything from the cleaning list. A promise to have the cleaners on-site for x hours or days shouldn’t mean anything to you.

If the company is serious, they will know what matters to you and act accordingly.

5.Is the provider insured?

End of tenancy cleaning takes a lot of time. You’re hiring others to do it for you not just because they will do it better, but also because you don’t have the time to do it yourself. This implies you won’t be able to stay on the property with them all the time, either.

So, you’ll inevitably let the cleaning agents unattended on your landlord’s property. And you want to be sure that nothing bad will happen. Even if something happens, the company will compensate for any damage or theft that occurs while its workers are on-site.

You want to protect both the property and your belongings. An insured provider will help with that and give you the peace of mind that is important during the stressful move out time.

Extra Tips On Negotiating End Of Tenancy Cleaning With A Company:

  • Pick a cleaning company that is easy to communicate with. You’ll need to agree on countless things, and smooth communication is essential when you’re contracting their services.
  • Make sure that the company brings all the necessary tools, machines, and cleaning solutions.
  • Make sure that you get a final quote. When the end of tenancy cleaning is over, there should be no extra fee that you will have to pay.
  • Make sure that they are available to perform the cleaning at your convenience. There will be a time for you to take out most of your belongings. And a time for the landlord to come for the final inspection. Between these two, you need to have enough time for the property to be cleaned adequately. And, of course, the cleaning company must be available to perform the service during that window.
  • Ask if they clean the oven. It’s the most challenging task and one of the things that landlords care about the most.
  • Ask if they clean the windows from the inside, too. Getting it done will give the property a welcoming sparkling note.

Actionable Steps You Can Take Right Away

Now that you know the essentials of spotting and negotiating with a dependable cleaning company for end of tenancy cleaning, you can:

  1. Start prospecting the market;
  2. Keep all these questions and tips at the back of your mind;
  3. Remember that you want to partner with a company that will take the load off your shoulders, NOT make things even more complicated to you;
  4. Agree on all terms that matter to you, put it all in writing, and go with it.

At times, you will have to go with your guts. So, consider how interacting with a particular company makes you feel. You want to be calm and happy with your communication and the promises they make about their services.

Meanwhile, the Wimbledon Cleaning Services team is here to help you at any step of the way. Are you in doubt about your options? Do you have more questions? Or maybe you want a second opinion?

Reach out to us! We’ll show you our extensive end of tenancy cleaning program. We’ll help you get a better sense of the kind of outstanding quality of service you’re entitled to!

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