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How to Prepare for Your First Professional House Cleaning Experience

Тrying to balance the responsibilities of managing a career and taking care of kids along with household chores can be rather stressful and overwhelming.

So, establishing the fact that you need a professional cleaning service is the first step towards solving the problem of having the spick and span home you desire without having to take time away from your family and job.

The second step is to find a trusted and reliable help to hire, and the third is to prepare your house for a professional clean.


But WHY?

Preparing for a professional house cleaner’s visit can have a positive impact on the overall cleaning experience. So, if you are hiring a house cleaner for the very first time, there are a couple of things you should consider doing in order to help the cleaner provide a satisfactory cleaning experience. From a couple of must-dos to treating your maid service with respect, below is everything you need to know about being prepared for your first professional house cleaning service.

  • Don’t leave anything in your cleaner’s way

This includes any clutter or untidiness from clothes and blankets to widgets and any kind of items that can obstruct the cleaning process. This way, you are allowing the cleaners to spend a great amount of time cleaning, rather than organizing your living space within a stipulated time.

Some cleaning services may have the option to include tasks that go beyond basic cleaning; but, for those that do not – it conveys a certain level of respect when you do your part to make the cleaner’s job a little easier.

  • Give clear and concise instructions

A professional cleaner comes at your door with the clear understanding that you want your house to be cleaned. However, every home and family is different and so are the requirements. Along with this/Apart from that, you may have a set of rules or boundaries that you would like the cleaner to follow such as using eco-friendly cleaning products, etc.

If you have any instructions, give them politely at the beginning and be clear and concise.

  • Put valuables away

Some cleaners don’t feel comfortable working while money and valuables are lying around. Even though the first thing you have probably done is to find professional cleaning help from a cleaning agency that is thoroughly vetted if something is misplaced the maid will most likely get the blame. It will take time before trust between a client and a cleaner is built, so try to secure your valuables, especially the first time.

  • Put away any important documents, bills, and other papers

Working around someone else’s house is a complex task and to an unfamiliar eye, important documents such as insurance paperwork, bank statements, mails, or bills can be easily mistaken for trash. It is your responsibility to organize important papers and documents and place them in a secure place prior to the cleaners’ arrival.

  • Have your kids and pets out of the way

There are certain duties you can’t expect from a cleaner – like looking after your kids and pets while cleaning. Furthermore, it can be rather difficult and dangerous to work while there are small kids getting in the way or pets that don’t handle strangers in the house very well.

It should be an owner’s responsibility to keep kids and pets away and ensure a comfortable working environment for the maid.

  • Be polite and patient

Creating a good relationship with cleaners is not something that many homeowners think about when they first hire maid service. We say treating a house cleaner with respect and compassion is very important, as it can benefit the overall home cleaning service.

Try to be patient as well, because even the most experienced cleaner is only human and is bound to make a mistake.

  • Give Feedback

After your first professional house cleaning experience, we recommend you give feedback, whether it’s good or bad. By doing this, you are helping us to better understand your cleaning needs and improve our work. 

Although many house cleaning services ask customers to submit feedback via online reviews, it won’t hurt to give your house cleaner an honest opinion (with a smile on your face). Similarly, it is equally important to praise them for their efforts and desirable cleaning results when fitting.


Doing small preparations and providing specific instructions to cleaners can make a world of difference to the way your house is cleaned. 

Professional agencies take a lot of time and effort in listening to feedback in order to ensure that you get the most out of the cleaning service you are paying for. So, make sure to give an honest one.

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