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One-Off Cleaning: Enhance Your Space with a Deep Clean

One-off cleaning is like a spa treatment for your home—a way of rejuvenating your living space so that it looks newer and feels fresher. Unlike routine cleaning, which seeks to maintain a certain standard, one-off cleaning can restore your home to a better previous condition. Let’s explore this unique service and how it can transform your living environment.

Why Choose our One-Off Wimbledon Cleaning Service?

The Occasions That Call for One-Off Cleaning

  1. Before a Celebration: Perhaps it’s been sometime since you entertained guests in your home – the last thing you want is to be embarrassed by some overlooked dust or similar issue.  Our one-off cleaning service ensures that every nook and cranny sparkles, enabling you to be a relaxed and confident host when your guests arrive.
  2. Post-Party Clean-up: The last guest has left, and a good time was had by all, but the task of cleaning and tidying everything up afterwards can be overwhelming. Call us to book our one-off cleaning service and we’ll happily come to the rescue. 
  3. For no particular reason When you’re just tired and don’t have the energy to spend hours cleaning. Instead of wasting your time, why not call Wimbledon Cleaning Services? Our cleaners know how to clean efficiently and thoroughly and will save you precious time. 
  4. Spring Cleaning: As the days become longer and your home receives more light, areas which have been neglected in the home tend to become noticeable. Our one-off cleaning service will attend to these forgotten corners, banishing dust bunnies, and breathing new life into your home.
  5. Emergency Recovery: Life can throw curveballs—a burst pipe, a minor flood, or a mess left after a renovation. Our one-off cleaning service can help to restore your home after the chaos.
Cleaning your house never been easier with Wimbledon Cleaning Services

What our Cleaners Can Help You With

Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion, recovering from a renovation, or simply giving your home a thorough refresh, these tasks will leave your space sparkling:

General Cleaning and Dusting:

Doors and Furniture:

Bathroom Cleaning:

Kitchen Cleaning:

Bedroom Cleaning:

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Remember that each one-off clean is unique, and further consultation with us will help tailor the cleaning tasks to your specific needs. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask! 😊

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Important Questions and Answers about Our One-Off Cleaning Service

A. Every home is unique and our clients often have different requirements for one-off visits. Some would like the cleaner to pay attention to a specific room only, while for others their budget is their main concern, although for some clients the only thing that matters is to that the cleaner does the most thorough job possible regardless of the expense. For these reasons, our one-off cleaning service is tailored to the clients‘needs, so we are unable to provide a firm quote until we have identified these in detail. As we charge per hour of work per cleaner, this means that the customer can either choose to book a certain number of hours (if they wish to know the exact cost in advance) or otherwise request the cleaner to work until everything is cleaned.

Our hourly fees can be found at One-off Cleaning Price

A. Clients provide cleaning materials and equipment. Each home is unique in furnishing and furniture, has an individual design and a variety of surfaces – wood, natural or artificial tops, tiles, glass or metal surfaces, and some customers may prefer the use of eco-products. Due to this diversity of preferences, we are unable to provide our own materials and cannot bring vacuum cleaners and mops as the cleaners travel by public transport.

A. It is hard to answer to this question as the amount of work which can be accomplished depends on many factors. Firstly, the size of the rooms and how dirty they are . Obviously, the less dirty they are, the quicker they can be cleaned. Secondly, the amount of furniture must be taken into account as the more furniture, decorations and other objects there are in the rooms, on the shelves, or on the counters in the kitchen, the more time it will take. Each item must be wiped down, moved, cleaned under and returned to its place. We can help to give you a rough idea by letting you know how many hours it took to clean similar-sized houses, but at the end of the day it’s your decision how many hours cleaning you choose to book.

However, we would like to assure you that the cleaners in our company are experienced, work quickly and organize their tasks well. They will certainly do as much as possible in the agreed time, and their professionalism is evidenced by the many positive reviews.
We strongly recommend that you let the cleaner know which tasks you would like them to prioritize so that they can organize their work effectively.

A. Unfortunately, we do not offer this service. Oven cleaning is a specialized service that requires training as it involves working with strong detergents.
We only clean ovens when we have a booking for a professional end of tenancy cleaning or cleaning before or after moving out. Our advice is to contact a specialized oven cleaning company.

A. Both cleaning services are completely different.
With one-off, you book certain hours of work and the cleaner works until the time is up.
With end-of-tenancies, work follows a certain standard and ends when the entire home is cleaned to that standard. Therefore, the end-of-tenancy takes many hours and is billed by price, not by the hour. Generally, end of tenancy (moving in or moving out) cleaning is much more expensive than one-off. With our one-off service, the client must check the quality of work at the end by themselves, while our end of tenancy service comes with a free re-clean guarantee because of the cleaning standards required.


It is often the case that our clients would like us to clean their carpets, sofas and chairs in addition to the standard cleaning. It is possible to arrange these services on the same day. Carpets and sofas are usually cleaned after the main cleaning as it is important that the rooms are already vacuumed, dusted, decluttered and cobwebs removed so that dust does not stick while the carpets or upholstery are slightly damp. Another option is to organize the carpet cleaning in the next few days after the one-off. We usually give a discount when clients request carpet and upholstery cleaning along with one-time cleaning. Please don’t hesitate to ask us. We will be happy to give you detailed information about the possibility of organizing this combination cleaning, together with the price.


You can combine your Domestic Cleaning with:


Add Ironing to the regular general cleaning at the standard rate

Carpet Cleaning

Add our Carpet Cleaning to clean and refresh your carpets and save up to 20% from our carpet cleaning prices when combined with regular domestic cleaning service


Add Laundry to the regular general cleaning at the standard rate

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