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Q&A – End of tenancy cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning: The Price

Q: When it comes to book a professional end of tenancy cleaning the main question is about the price. How much the cleaning will cost?

A: The price for an end of tenancy cleaning mainly depends on the size of the property (a standard studio, a one -bedroom flat, a two- or three-bedroom house/flat or four or a five-bedroom house) and then on its condition. As bigger is the property as expensive is to clean it. The other important factor to consider is the condition of the property. If the property hasn’t been cleaned regularly for months or years and it is in a bad state with dirt built-up over the time, the client should expect that the price will go up. We have had occasions when we had spent more time to clean a 1-bed flat than a 3-bedroom house over 2 floors.

                 As an example, most of London based cleaning companies charge between £100 – £160 to clean a 1 bed flat, £120-£240 for a 2 bed-flat, etc.

Prices vary because of:

a) the size of the premises, the number of the floors, the bathrooms and any additional rooms to be cleaned – storage, utility, conservatory, additional corridors, etc.

b) whether the premises are unfurnished or fully furnished,

c) additional services the client may requests, as blinds cleaning, balcony cleaning or other specific tasks to be completed  

d) adding carpet/upholstery or mattress cleaning to the required standard at the end of tenancy.

e) any parking or congestion charges


Q: Does the cleaning the companies offer covers the requirements of the estate agencies or landlords?

A: The reputable cleaning companies know that their service must meet the expectations of the estate agencies and landlords. The companies that want to be competitive on the market must train their staff well and make a thorough check-lists to be completed on each job they take.  Most of them offer a free re-clean if there are issues with the quality of the service. It is worth to check with them if a free re-clean is included in the quoted price or not. This will save you additional money in case your landlord or estate agency is not happy with the cleaning. Most of the cleaning companies have a minimum charge per visit. With addition of delivering cleaning materials, collecting/returning the keys from/to the estate agency and parking fee the minimum amount you will pay can go to £60-£70 even if few spots only have been missed.


Q: Can the cleaner who cleans the premises every week or comes occasionally to clean do the end of tenancy cleaning? Is it worth to find a cheaper offer? Why to spend over £100 for end of tenancy cleaning when the cleaner who comes every week for a few hours charges £20-£30?

A: The client should not compare the work and the time the regular cleaner spends to clean the property with the work and time the professional cleaning team will spend. Most of the domestic cleaners are not trained in EoTC and don’t know what and how they should clean. It is because they don’t know the cleaning specification. The other minus is that they don’t have professional chemicals or equipment and probably will use the chemicals supplied by you. As they are not trained in this kind of cleaning there is a risk for something to be missed or not done properly, which can lead the cleaning to fail the check-out inspection. As a result, you may be asked to arrange a re-clean, or the landlord/the estate agency will do that, one and then you have to pay the bill.


Tips for choosing who to do your end of tenancy cleaning:

  1. Check what the companies include in their service. Is the oven cleaning included, do they supply cleaning materials, do they offer a free re-clean? Are there additional charges on top of the initially quoted price? For instance, although most of the companies include the oven cleaning in their standard pack, there are ones that charge additionally for oven cleaning, etc.

Often the cheap price means a cheap service and the client can end with a long list of cleaning issues in the check-our report, which will cause troubles of getting the tenancy deposit back.

  2. Check what kind of carpet cleaning equipment the company uses. If you need your carpets cleaned, you will need an experienced carpet cleaner to come with a correct professional cleaning equipment. Don’t pay someone who will use a wet vacuum cleaner instead or will bring a “Rug Doctor” from the nearest bigger supermarket.  

  3. The price for end of tenancy is not hourly-based. The cleaners work to complete the cleaning to the required standard. Give the cleaners enough time to do their job. End of tenancy is not a quick or evening job so make sure there is enough time for the cleaning between the furniture removal and your check-out inspection.  


I hope my article will help the tenants, whose end of tenancy cleaning is due, to make the right decision of hiring a cleaning company.


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