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Looking for a Domestic Cleaner?

Wimbledon Cleaning Services is a London-based professional cleaning company offering first-rate domestic cleaning in the Wandsworth area. We have more than 10 years of experience in the fields of domestic and commercial cleaning and during this period we’ve built a reputation for reliability and efficiency. Our number one priority is our client’s satisfaction, and we won’t stop working until we achieve it!

Today we live very busy lives. Work and everyday assignments take up most of our day and often we are left with almost no free time to relax and recover from stress. Many people lack the time to do daily chores. Others are simply way too exhausted to deal with them.

With Wimbledon Cleaning Service you won’t need to worry about domestic cleaning anymore. You can relax and spend quality time with your family instead, so why not sit back and let us do all the housework for you.

Why book our domestic cleaning service?

Simplicity and clarity from start to finish

Over the years, we’ve built many mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships with our clients. We strive to be as flexible as possible to fulfil the varying needs of our customers. After all, there are many different reasons why people book our services. From our years of experience in the business, we know that each assignment is different from the others as every property requires a different approach and each client has his or her own personal needs. But no job is too big or small for us, so rest assured that, however big the job, we always complete our work to perfection! Our Wandsworth clients receive all necessary information about our service prior to making a regular domestic arrangement with us. This includes which cleaning tasks we can do, the price, payment, the length of our agreement, the cancellation notice, etc.

Our main aim is to make things easy both for the clients and for ourselves. Our service is charged by the hour, so it is entirely up to the client to decide, based on the tasks to be completed and their budget, how many hours of work to book. We can advise on the approximate duration of the cleaning visits for different sizes of homes, but it is ultimately your decision how much you’ll spend on the cleaning. Regardless of how many hours of work you book, the cleaner will do their best to get the job completed to a high standard. We will agree the days and times of the cleaning visits with you, and you will receive the details of your cleaner in advance. This way you’ll know who will be coming to your house before the service starts. The cleaner will clean your home on the day and time agreed with you every week or every other week. You’ll also be informed in plenty of time of any unavoidable changes due to holidays, illness, etc.

Cleaning your house never been easier with Wimbledon Cleaning Services
Clean house

How We Work?

Come home to a clean and tidy home

We completely understand that hiring a cleaner is not an easy decision for clients, firstly because they will have to let someone they don’t know into their home and secondly because of the worry of whether the person is reliable, good at what they do and will meet their expectations.  For your peace of mind, rest assured that all our cleaning technicians are properly documented and contracted. Many have years of residential cleaning experience in Wimbledon and the surrounding areas, and all are good at their work. Not only that but, regardless of previous experience, we always provide full training at the beginning of our working relationship to make sure they meet our standards for domestic cleaning. We don’t employ anyone who lacks a serious attitude towards the work or fails to meet our standards.

Furthermore, our cleaners are trained how to work with different detergents and to clean delicate surfaces, such as metal, marble, wood, furniture, etc. They know how best to clean every type of room, and most are good at ironing too. The security of our clients’ homes is another top priority for us. We not only instruct our cleaning technicians regarding security and safety but make it a condition of their employment contract.

We take our clients’ priorities seriously and we clean and tidy every room to the highest standard, and even iron or fold and store clothes in the wardrobes so that our client can come back to a clean and tidy home after a busy day at work.

What we can help you with. As a client, you need only choose the cleaning tasks and provide enough time for their completion.


Clean kitchen with domestic cleaning service
Clean bathroom with domestic cleaning service


Living room:

Clean living room with domestic cleaning service
Clean bedroom with domestic cleaning service


Ironing and other housekeeping tasks:


See our rates


  • We cannot guarantee that the agreed hours of work will be enough for the cleaning of the entire property or completing of all the required cleaning tasks.
  • We are unable to offer external cleaning (i.e., outside windows, balconies, porches, patios, gardens, etc.).
  • We do not move heavy furniture (We clean around it where possible).
  • Window cleaning, fridge cleaning, etc. is not a part of the standard domestic cleaning package. However, the cleaner can help you with these tasks if agreed in advance and extra time is allotted.
  • We do not offer oven cleaning.
  • We do not wash/clean walls and ceilings, remove stickers, vax.
  • We do not wash floors by hand.
  • Regrettably, we are unable to take care of your pets or clean/wash their things.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Regular Domestic Cleaning

A. The price depends on the number of hours you would like to book and how often you need the service – every week or every other week. Our fortnightly service is slightly more expensive than our weekly one per hour.

A. The client provides a vacuum cleaner, a mop and cleaning detergents. At the beginning of the service, we’ll send you a list of recommended products to make sure the cleaner has everything necessary to clean the different rooms in the property effectively. We encourage you to supply good quality cleaning products so the cleaner can clean every area in the house properly. A good vacuum cleaner and a mop are a must for good cleaning. Please be aware that vacuuming can take twice as long if the vacuum cleaner is weak or clogged. Furthermore, we do not recommend battery-powered vacuum cleaners, especially for vacuuming houses or large flats/areas. This is because the cleaner then must waste time recharging them and has to re-organise their work. Therefore, we always recommend providing us with a standard cylinder vacuum cleaner for the vacuuming of large areas.

A. Unfortunately not. However, we offer one-off cleaning visits with a minimum of three hours work and obviously you can re-book at your convenience.

A. Yes, you can leave a set of keys with the cleaner or leave the keys in a safe place outside the house. The cleaner signs a key-receipt form when receiving keys from a client.

A. No, we don’t charge our clients when they cancel visits because of holiday, etc. However, please note that there will be a charge if the cancellation is at very short notice (less than 24 hours). we also need to know as early as possible about any planned cancellations so the cleaner can be assigned to another job instead. The cleaners get paid only when they work, and we appreciate your understanding on this matter.

A. Our cleaners are only human – they have different personalities and sometimes make mistakes, etc. We will be glad to discuss your concerns and find the right solution, but of course, we’ll send another cleaner if you are not happy with the work of the current one.

A. You may cancel the service at any time as we don’t have a specific contract-length with our clients. However, we require 2-weeks’ notice of termination.

You can combine your Domestic Cleaning with:


Add Ironing to the regular general cleaning at the standard rate

Carpet Cleaning

Add our Carpet Cleaning to clean and refresh your carpets and save up to 20% from our carpet cleaning prices when combined with regular domestic cleaning service


Add Laundry to the regular general cleaning at the standard rate

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