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Best Vacuum Cleaners – Upright vs. Cylinder vs. Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

As a cleaning company based in London and servicing a variety of Wimbledon and SW London homes and offices, the single most important appliance for us is the vacuum cleaner. Good cleaning is simply not possible without a good vacuum cleaner. Alternatives such as sweeping with a broom are out of the question, unless one wants to breathe in the dust raised from the floor while sweeping. Unfortunately, vacuuming often becomes a problem for our SW London and Wimbledon cleaners when clients provide vacuum cleaner that is not appropriate for the size of the home and the available furnishings. We recommend that customers carefully consider what degree of cleanliness they want to achieve and take into account the size of the rooms, stairs, etc. to be vacuumed in order to choose the right vacuum cleaner. Currently, standard cylindrical vacuum cleaners, and the more modern battery-powered cleaners the more old-fashioned upright vacuum cleaners are all popular and widely available. When buying a new vacuum cleaner, it is important to make the right choice to fit your home as they can be expensive, and you will want it to last for years to come.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners
Naturally, the advertisements of the manufacturers are designed to convince you to buy their products. You will be shown how easy it is to vacuum large spaces, with no apparent effort required to vacuum well. Generally, the vacuuming is made to look so nice and easy, it is almost like a fairy tale.
However, the truth is different. Let’s start with the household vacuums that no domestic or office cleaner likes. These are the upright vacuum cleaners made famous by the rock band Queen’s unforgettable hit, ‘I Want to Break Free’. In reality, they are cumbersome and heavy; they do not suck up dust and dirt well, and they cannot clean under the furniture and in the corners. Forget the ads that say that upright vacuum cleaners are more powerful than others. They are not. With the current restrictions to limit the noise and the energy used to 900 W, their motors are no more powerful than the cylinder ones.

One problem with these vacuum cleaners is that the brush sucks up the dust, but fails to transfer it to the dust container, so it is sprayed back from the back of the brush. Furthermore, the main brush is built-in and rotary. This means that all the longer hairs get caught on the brush, and once enough has built up, the brush gets stuck and stops rotating. Disassembling and cleaning such a brush takes time and is far from pleasant.

Another big minus is that these vacuum cleaners cannot clean narrow areas, corners, under furniture, or stairs. Even small-sized models are not suitable for this. It could be argued that they come with an extra hose attachment, on which a brush is fixed to be able to reach a corner or clean the stairs. This is true, but let’s imagine that you live in a 3-bedroom house on 2-3 floors, with a lot of furniture in the rooms. You want to clean thoroughly along the walls, under the furniture, in tight spaces, and on the stairs. Or you ask your Wimbledon domestic cleaner to do it instead. This means that every few minutes it will be necessary to bend over, take out the extra hose, attach the brush, then remove the brush, retract the hose, and switch to upright vacuuming. The same routine will have to be followed room by room, around every furniture item. This will be possible, of course, if the hose is long enough to reach the wall, under the cabinet, or on the sofa. If not, the dust will accumulate there for months. If you are young and full of energy, this may not be too much of a problem.

However, if you have to clean with this type of vacuum cleaner every day and in large spaces, or if you are tired, it would be far more preferable to save yourself the effort and get a vacuum cleaner that really will be easy to use, either for yourself or your SW London domestic cleaner. These are the standard cylinder-powered vacuum cleaners.

Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners
After 15 years in the cleaning industry, I can confirm that these are the best vacuum cleaners out there. They are superior to the other two types in terms of their quality of vacuuming, manoeuvrability, ease of operation, ability to reach corners and under furniture, and duration of work. With cylinder vacuum cleaners, there is no need to support the entire weight of the vacuum cleaner with one arm, as there is with upright vacuums, because when vacuuming, you need only move the tube with the brush. The body of the vacuum cleaner itself is on wheels and follows after you. You can reach the edges without perimeter limitations due to the length of the hose and pipes. In addition, the brushes are very easy to change and it’s not necessary to constantly bend down and stand up. Another big plus is that there is no time limit as there is no battery with a limited charge, so you can simply keep going until you have cleaned all the rooms. Furthermore, the price is reasonable, and they tend to last much longer than cordless vacuum cleaners. For me, the best and most effective cylinder vacuum cleaners are those made by Miele. They offer a range of models: those for smaller homes, for larger ones, or for homes with pets, and also have a wide variety of brushes available for soft floors and hard floors. The dust bags have several filters, and after vacuuming with these machines, the rooms are truly clean. No litter is left on the floor or dust scattered in the air. As a cheaper option, the cleaners made by Henry are an acceptable alternative, but the disadvantage is that they are bulkier and require more storage space.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners
Now let’s take a look at the modern cordless vacuum cleaners. They are small, light, convenient for cleaning small spaces or the inside of your car, and take up little storage space, but… This is where the cons begin. They are small vacuum cleaners with a small container. While they are handy for cleaning a small flat, a quick vacuum around the dining table, or if a child has spilled some rubbish on the floor and for cleaning the stairs quicky too, they are entirely unsuitable for large rooms or houses for a number of reasons: The container fills up quickly, the power is weak, and the battery can be a problem. After a couple of years, it will be necessary to charge it after every 15 minutes of work, which means you’ll need to buy a new battery. The initial cost is high; add the cost of a new battery after a couple of years and it is even higher. This type of vacuum cleaner is only suitable if you have little space for cleaning and storage. Otherwise, they can be an excellent add-on to your main vacuum if you can afford it.

In conclusion, I will say that, from my point of view, the best vacuum cleaner is cylindrical, powered, and comes with a dust bag. I don’t like bagless vacuum cleaners for two main reasons: their filters block quickly, which immediately reduces the sucking power. The other reason is that I don’t like the dust getting into my face when I clean the filters or empty the container.

Among the brands, I would recommend Miele. I would never buy an upright vacuum cleaner. For those living in a very small flat I would recommend a cordless vacuum cleaner, which could also be a worthwhile purchase for those living in a larger property as an addition to a cylinder cleaner (if their budget allows).

Diana, Wimbledon Cleaning Services