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What is included in a standard house cleaning?

What is included in a standard house cleaning, when you contract regular cleaning, and what actually happens after you call in a cleaner often varies enormously, depending on the quality and integrity of the cleaner. However, there are some basics that should always be observed in standard cleaning procedures, and room by room this is what should happen in your house when you get a cleaner in.


  • Start in the kitchen and wipe down all kitchen benches
  • Clean the front of all appliances and the top of the stove.
  • Wipe the inside of the microwave.
  • Clean the sink and surrounds
  • Sweep the floors
  • Wash and rinse the floors.


  • Start by decluttering, especially in children’s rooms, pick up all toys and place them in the toy box, Place all clothing on the floor into a laundry hamper for washing.
  • Dust the desk
  • Straighten bed
  • Dust the room
  • Vacuum the floor.
  • If the room has planter shutters on the windows they should also be dusted.
  • Any marks and scuffs on paintwork should be sprayed and wiped off.

Living Room requires Regular Cleaning as a most used Room


  • Recycle old newspapers
  • Pick up the clutter and throw out the empty chip and biscuit wrappers.
  • Dust the room carefully
  • Dust all bookcases
  • Some furniture may require polishing
  • Vacuum floor thoroughly
  • Some furniture may need vacuuming for pet dander.
  • Clean the TV and wipe the screen with an appropriate cloth.

Dining Room

  • Regular cleaning will mean dusting all photograph frames.
  • Dust thoroughly table chairs and dresser.
  • Pay particular attention to chair upholstery in the dining room, it may need dusting.
  • Vacuum floor
  • Table if wood, should be polished.


If there is a study it will require thorough cleaning, as a paper shredder creates dust.

  • thoroughly dust bookcases and desktops.
  • Polish old furniture with polish.
  • Polish and clean any glass with a glass cleaner
  • Vacuum floor.

Regular Cleaning in bathrooms is essential to keep germs and viruses away. Buy a germ-killing spray example is ‘Glenn 20’ says that it kills 99% of bacteria and viruses, and have your cleaner spray the house when they finish.


Bathrooms always take the longest to clean, and if there are two they will take even longer.

  • Remove rugs and waste bins, leaving the floor as clear as possible.
  • Spray and clean bath and shower glass
  • Stand in shower recess and scrub the walls, cleaning around the grout.
  • Rinse walls of shower and bathtub.
  • Dry off the shower walls with a microfiber cloth.
  • Clean tracking around the shower.
  • Spray the vanity and the countertop.
  • Clean the handbasin
  • Wipe the fronts of cabinets
  • Shine the plug holes and the taps.
  • Lastly using a separate rag or cloth clean the outside and seats of the toilet.
  • Using toilet cleaner and a brush clean the inside of the toilet.
  • Clean bathroom mirror with special glass cleaner
  • Vacuum bathroom floor.
  • Wash the bathroom floor and then rinse it off.


  • Wipe down the washer and dryer.
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Clean and shine the stainless steel laundry tub thoroughly
  • Vacuum floor
  • Wash floor


  • Clean any photos and frames
  • Declutter the hallway
  • Remove any object from it, that doesn’t belong there.
  • Vacuum the hallway
  • Polish any furniture in the hall.

Regular Cleaning

By now everything in the house should be gleaming, so go and pay particular attention to the entrance. The verandah should be vacuumed and if it is tiled it should be washed down with soapy water. Then the tiles will need to be dried off. Panels around the front door and any glassworks should all be thoroughly cleaned. Any brass plates and knobs should be cleaned with brass cleaner and thoroughly shined up until they are gleaming.

Cleaning is very hard work, but it is much more rewarding when it is done properly, and this is basically what needs to be done on a weekly basis in a family home where children are present. Once the cleaning regimen is completed it could take as long as four hours per week/ fortnight. Many people find that every two weeks is enough to maintain their home.


Having regular cleaning makes your house so much nicer to come home to at the end of the day. If you are working it is not a luxury, it is just essential standard clean, home maintenance at its best.

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